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Welcome to Echo Barrier. Our innovative and flexible acoustic barrier fencing solutions to reduce noise pollution, are revolutionising construction site and live events all over the globe.

Echo Barrier Noise Barriers & Acoustic Fencing

The availability of high quality and effective acoustic barriers, acoustic fencing, noise walls and noise barriers mean excessive noise no longer needs to be a problem.

 Noise Reduction Experts

The Echo Barrier team are pioneers in noise reduction technology, leading the way through innovation and over three decades of experience in the field of temporary acoustic fencing. Our flexible solutions are constantly evolving to meet an ever-changing market – we are at the forefront of technological development and are your best option when it comes to noise reduction fence solutions

Noise Barriers

Our noise reduction fencing technologies are easy to install and are both effective and practical, arming you with everything you need to keep the peace across all types of application. Whether you are on a construction site, rail maintenance project or managing a festival, our solutions are flexible to meet your needs.

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Offering unparalleled acoustic expertise worldwide, Echo Barrier provides your organisation with a tailored sound reduction solution along with comprehensive technical support service – ideally suited for construction, road, rail or event noise issues. Call  + 44 (0) 845 561 3246

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Acoustic Barrier Uses

Echo Barrier noise reduction barriers & acoustic barriers are innovative and can be used to reduce noise on a number of different sites, including road and rail maintenance and events.

Click through to read how our temporary sound barriers and acoustic fences are the perfect site partner for you; helping you to keep the peace no matter what the job.

Railway Noise Barriers

We offer an effective noise control system to minimise disruption during essential rail maintenance. If you would like to learn more about our range of noise control barriers for your rail project or about Echo Barrier H2 noise barrier walls please contact our head office 0845 561 3246 for more details.

Road/Traffic Noise Acoustic Barriers

Roadside contracting has been a core part of Echo Barrier’s undertaking for nearly 30 years. To learn more about how Echo Barrier’s unique range of roadside acoustic barriers and acoustic fencing solutions can help with your roadwork projects call 0845 561 3246 today!

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