Acoustic Barrier Performance

acoustic fencing performance - how does echo barrier performe compared to other brands?Echo Barrier employs world-leading acoustic engineers who are constantly researching and developing our acoustic fencing, acoustic barriers and sound absorbing barrier products to ensure we remain global market leaders in our sector.

In 2016 Peter Wilson, our Technical Director, was invited to speak at the Internoise conference in Hamburg, the presentation is available to download in the right hand column and provides a good overview on the latest thinking on the effectiveness of Echo Barriers.

How do our temporary acoustic barriers perform?

When we are approached by a new customer who wants to reduce the impact of noise that they are making we always try to establish a couple of initial yet very important facts:

  • What is the noise coming from?
  • What is the location of the site and who is the noise affecting?
  • What measures have been taken so far to reduce the noise created?

From this information we can establish the best course of action and the most suitable products from our range.

Our range of products include acoustic barriers which can be hung on traditional site fencing, through to acoustic enclosures and tents for smaller sites or even noisy machinery. Whatever your requirement we can provide a solution.

The H Series of products are market leading in terms of noise reduction achievable. In laboratory tests they have produced up to 30dB of noise reduction. We regularly undertake testing in a lab setting to ensure we can inform customers about optimum positioning for best performance.

How to our acoustic barriers work?

Echo Barriers work by absorbing sound rather than deflecting it off somewhere else. Our products have patent protected and specially created acoustic foam to soak up as much noise as possible. This foam does not contain any hazardous materials such as fibreglass or Rockwool and will never form mould or mildew spores. The barriers are also guaranteed; they won’t deteriorate or degrade with time or use.

What you need to know about Echo Barrier products

We pride ourselves on providing clients with accurate and realistic information about the performance of our sound absorbing acoustic barriers. To help, the following provides some background information on the performance of acoustic barriers so you can make well-informed decisions on what solutions are best to meet your needs.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any aspect of your own specific requirements.

Note: Be aware that in many instances certain suppliers may provide information based on ‘ideal lab’ conditions – not ‘real life’ conditions.

Key factors behind good performance from acoustic barrier fences

To achieve optimum acoustic performance, three factors need to be taken into account:

1. Geometry

The barrier needs to be placed as close to the noise source as possible in order to maximise the ‘acoustic shadow’.
Echo Barrier provides practical advice on optimising your installation for best performance.

image of our acoustic barrier performance Good sound barrier performance from echo barrier acoustic fencing.

2. Mass

The mass of the impermeable material used determines the noise attenuation but only if the barrier is infinitely large. As this isn’t practicable and noise passes over the barrier, there arises an optimum weight/size to achieve optimum attenuation and handling ability.
Echo Barrier products are designed to optimise acoustic properties in real life situations while keeping weight to a minimum.

3. Absorption Barriers

A well designed sound absorbing barrier incorporates acoustic absorbent materials on the noise source side to ‘soak up’ the sound and minimise reflections. The material used is important, for instance for safe handling and avoidance of water absorption.
Echo Barrier uses a special high tech absorbent material that is safe, light weight, long-lasting and does not absorb water.

Effective Acoustic Barrier Installation

Our acoustic and design experts have also created a bespoke installation kit which can be hired/purchased alongside the barriers and which will help improve performance of the barriers; ensuring they are fitted properly and able to perform at their optimum.

Depending on the amount of noise being created, barriers can be double or even triple hung in order to increase attenuation power. Use of the fitting kits coupled with the light weight of each barrier means this is a simple task and can be undertaken by just one member of the workforce.

Proof in the performance

The Echo Barrier brand has become well known for providing effective noise reduction solutions on sites across the world. Some of the projects that we have helped to quieten include:

  • Station and track upgrades across the London Underground
  • The renovation of the World Trade Centre in New York
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of the Sydney Suburban Rail Network
  • Large housing and office development in Abu Dhabi
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