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Helping constructors be considerate for 30 years

Nobody understands the demands on building contractors like we do. Our temporary noise control products are used on major construction projects worldwide – typically reducing noise pollution by up to 97%.

Consultancy & advice

Legal action, fines, prohibition notices, restrictions on site operating hours – noise pollution can be damaging to your schedules and budgets. Working with our leading experts will help you find effective industrial noise reduction solutions for your sites.

Our award-winning temporary noise solutions mean fewer complaints, better community relations, and improved working conditions. They also allow longer operating hours, helping you keep your developments on track and costs down.

That’s why we’re often the specified solution in construction tenders.

— Case study —
One World Trade Center, New York City

Once we installed the panels, noise complaints have not been an issue. We would highly recommend Echo Barrier.

Marco Desa, Project Manager Oliveira Contracting

Oliveira Contracting used our temporary acoustic barriers to reduce noise pollution at the One World Trade Center in the heart of Manhattan.

Our barriers cut noise by 15dB(A) – instantly improving conditions for local residents, businesses and tourists. The results were so impressive that the WTC project team asked Oliveira Contracting to roll our barriers out across the site. Read more

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