Noise pollution… Dolphins aren’t a big fan!

Noise pollution… Dolphins aren’t a big fan!

A new project has been launched to cut the noise pollution caused by the installation of offshore turbines.

It was announced recently, that Carbon Trust and Fistuca are planning a new project which aims to reduce the noise pollution caused by offshore turbine installation.

This could be great news for the animals that noise pollution affects, including dolphins.

They have successfully completed the first test in their process to have a quieter installation system to cause less disturbance for the sea life.

Currently the process involves using a steel ram, which is suspended on a crane, to drive into the seabed. However, it has been proven that, using this new hammer to do this, would cut the noise levels by 20 decibels. Rather than using a crane to suspend the hammer, they will be using a water tank, which Carbon Trust reports as providing “a more energetic, but quieter blow”.

This is an incredible development in reducing noise pollution and will greatly affect the animals in a much more positive way.

Carbon Trust and Fistuca are working with SSE, E.ON, Equinor, Ørsted and Shell on this project. They have all stated that this new, and improved approach will not only be more beneficial cost wise, but it will also reduce the noise-related disruption for sea life and minimise a range of technical issues that the current technique produces.

As we are big advocates of being environmentally sound, we are delighted that there has been a breakthrough in this process that could have a positive impact on the life of marine animals.

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