Market-leading noise control

Echo Barrier H-Series

The Echo Barrier H-Series™ is the most effective portable noise-management system on the market. Developed by Echo Barrier’s expert team, the H-Series offers outstanding attenuation and absorption of noise, reducing sound energy by up to 99%.
Like all Echo Barrier’s products, H-Series acoustic panels are lightweight, weatherproof, durable and fire-resistant to BS7837:1996.
Designed for easy transportation and for quick installation and disassembly, they are readily fitted onto fencing or scaffolding and easily configured to meet specific project requirements in fields such as construction and demolition, road and rail and live events.
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  • World-leading performance
  • Quick deployment
  • Easy transportation
  • Durable
  • Waterproof to
    (IPX6, IPX9 and BS EN 60529:1992)
  • Fire resistant to BS7837:1996/ASTM E84

Eco-optimised, high-performance attenuation for industrial applications.

Eco-optimised (biodegradable infill), with added fire resistance for industrial applications

Extra-rapid deployment on large-scale projects

High-performance attenuation, fire and water resistant for diverse applications in adverse conditions

Ultimate overall performance, superior noise reduction & absorption. Most durable barrier for all applications & conditions.

Specialised applications

Like all Echo Barrier’s products, the specialised panel range, designed for specialist applications are outstanding for performance, durability and ease of deployment. Specialised ranges include:

  • Extra fire-resistant barriers panels for environments where especially stringent fire regulations apply;
  • Extra-absorbent panels and cross-dampers for areas prone to troublesome sound reflection
  • Panels designed for use in conjunction with pedestrian barriers in the street
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  • Intelligent sound management, tailored to your needs
  • Effective solutions for challenging locations and circumstances
  • Maximum performance in the toughest conditions

For management of indoor noise sources/highly reflective environments

For Management of indoor noise, where superior performance is required for a larger range of frequencies

Highest performance across all soundwave frequencies

Used with 1-metre high Street Works pedestrian barriers for road, construction, demolition and utilities


Echo Barrier enclosures provide portable noise management for generators, compressors and workstations. The enclosures are lightweight, waterproof, easily assembled in just a few minutes, and can be moved around a site as needed.
They can screen generators, compressors or HVAC equipment, or provide a safe working environment while minimising environmental disturbance from noisy activities such as cutting.
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  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install or move
  • Up to 40dB noise reduction
  • Fire-resistant to BS7837:1996

construction, events,

A quick easy to install purpose-built enclosure for small generators

A compact portable acoustic screen with folding frame

The Echo Barrier CS Cutting Station™ is a portable acoustic enclosure that can be erected rapidly and easily to contain noise from cutting activities.

Used with 1-metre high Safegate Street Works safety barriers for utilities and road

Installed in just 15 minutes, the H20™ acoustic enclosure provides simple, flexible and effective temporary noise management.


Echo Barrier’s accessories are designed to make it still quicker and easier to deploy and secure Echo Barrier acoustic panels.


Fitting Kit

Vertical Fitting Kit

Elastic Ties

Anti-theft Cable

Double Palm Safety Glove