What makes the Cutting Station so effective?

The Echo Barrier Cutting Station provides a safe environment to carry out cutting or other operations close to where the work is. The CS is ideal for low ceiling and indoor usage.


Unique roof for internal building use

Roof allows safe operation indoors by preventing reflection of sound from surrounding walls and ceiling


Clear windows allow safe supervision

Clear windows allow safe supervision from outside of the enclosure while retaining sound properties

durable acoustic barrier

Fully configurable opening panels

Individual panels allow configuration to meet the needs of almost any cutting operation, including oversize items.


Large clear entrance

Clear sound-reflective doors allow supervision and safe entry or exit from the enclosure while maintaining noise control

Fast, simple assembly

Noise insulation and absorption

Insulation and absorption rates as tested

Product Standard Information – DO NOT RENAME
Product Standard Information – DO NOT RENAME

More product information

High temperature in direct sunlight
Mesh faces sound source
Do not use cutting tools
Frost resistant
BSEN 60068/2/1:2007
Water resistant
BS EN 60529:1992 IPX6, IPX9