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The ideal noise control partner for rail works

We’ve been helping contractors to cut noise pollution from rail and underground works for more than three decades. Our temporary noise reduction barriers stand up to the sector’s rigorous demands – they’re effective, quick to install and are easy to move around. Our durable, lightweight panels can be installed on most structures on the railway and will not deteriorate, even in the toughest conditions.

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Most track renewal and maintenance work is done to tight timeframes at night and at weekends, to keep commuters and the economy moving. That puts huge pressure on contractors to cut noise disruption and get the job done on time. Echo Barrier’s award-winning temporary noise reduction barriers are the ideal solution for these demanding conditions, the barriers can be installed and removed quickly and with minimum manpower.

Our innovative acoustic barrier technology can reduce noise from rail works by as much as 20dB, a 90% noise reduction. This not only improves conditions for local communities and workers, but allows contractors to increase their site operating hours. The ease and speed of installation also improves site efficiency and allows more work to be delivered in a shorter time span. It takes just one person to install one of our lightweight panels, it’s also quick and easy to reposition them along the track as work progresses. 

Our barriers never get water-logged, and remain in top condition, no matter what the weather. You can also brand them with your company logo or safety message to promote your work.

— Case study —
Earl's Court Station, London

"Echo Barrier once again provided us with a solution that really works."

Amir Rashid, Track Partnership

To speed up lengthy track improvement works, Earl's Court tube station was closed for 12 days over the 2013 Christmas period. Effective noise control was needed to enable longer site operating hours and make the project a success.

The Track Partnership installed our temporary acoustic barriers and tents to reduce noise and dust pollution. The project finished on time – without a single noise complaint. Read more

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