Effective noise control systems that work for you

Echo Barrier offers the most effective acoustic barrier solutions to noise problems in the industrial, construction and entertainment sectors. Our world-leading acoustic engineers have applied their deep scientific knowledge to create a range of award-winning temporary noise barriers. Our products are effective, easy to use and install, durable and environmentally sound.


Our story

Echo Barrier was founded by acoustics expert Peter Wilson. With over 30 years of acoustic engineering experience, Peter was determined to address the challenges of noise pollution from worksites and live events.
His cost-effective temporary sound barriers hit the market in 2010, and have been improving the health of on-site workers and local communities ever since.
As a result, Echo Barrier has gone from strength to strength, securing major contracts all over the world within the construction, road, rail, mining and entertainment sectors.

High-profile projects we’ve worked on include the One World Trade Center in New York, the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and the Sydney Light Railway.
Peter and the Echo Barrier team continue to carry out pioneering research and development in their quest to perfect the art of sound control.
And they continue to expand and improve their award-winning range of temporary sound control solutions to help you minimise noise pollution.


  • 2010   World’s most effective temporary noise control solution hits the market

    Acoustics expert Peter Wilson introduces his new noise barriers to the market.
    They’ve been helping construction, rail and events companies, and local authorities cut noise pollution all around the world ever since.

  • 2011   Success in the 'Noise Oscars'

    Echo Barrier Highly recommended in the prestigious John Connell awards (dubbed the Noise Oscars) by the Noise Abatement Society.
    The company moves into its HQ in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK.

  • 2012   Grabbing attention on the world stage

    Contractors on building projects for the London 2012 Summer Olympics use Echo Barrier’s sound control solutions for effective noise control.

  • 2013   Major wins

    Echo Barrier secures large-scale contracts with big names such as Balfour Beatty and the London Underground.

  • 2014   Echo Barrier goes from strength to strength

    The new Echo H3 barriers and H20 acoustic enclosures are launched and the company opens new offices in response to growing demand.
    Our products pass tough standards to be officially classified as waterproof, cold-resistant and fire-resistant.
    The company receives a 5-star rating from the Carbon Trust.

  • 2015   ‘Supplier of the Year’

    Echo Barrier picks up the 'Supplier of the Year' title at the annual Builder and Engineer Awards, and opens further new offices to meet market demand in Australia, the United States, Abu Dhabi and across Europe.

  • 2016   Echo Barrier secures landmark deal with US giant United Rentals

    Performance gets better and better.
    The Echo H3 barrier gets a new sound-damping core, and now reduces noise by up to 30db.
    The company introduces the new and improved H20 acoustic enclosure.
    The H2, PB3, SG3 and H3 barriers pass stringent MIRA wind tests.
    Echo Barrier signs a landmark deal with US giant United Rentals.
    Echo Barrier move its HQ to new larger premises in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

The team puts innovation and on-site performance at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly developing new ways to improve noise control so that our customers can be confident our products really work.

Peter Wilson, Technical Director, Echo Barrier

It’s taken a rigorous approach to design, extensive testing, and a commitment to quality to bring you the market’s most effective temporary noise barriers. That’s how our acoustic engineers create products that achieve best-in-class transmission loss and acoustic absorption.
That’s both in the lab and on-site, and even in the most demanding conditions. Hand-finished and made from high-tech, absorbent material, our barriers are waterproof, weatherproof and extremely durable. Read more

Service & technical support

Our experienced team know our portfolio of products inside out, having tested them extensively to make sure they give you the best results possible. We’re available on the phone 24/7, or will come out to visit you on-site. We’ll talk you through the best way to position, install and take down our barriers, to ensure you get optimum performance.

Doing our bit to protect the environment

Echo Barrier’s temporary acoustic barriers dramatically reduce the health and environmental impact of noise pollution. Excessive noise can cause stress for local people and employees, and can even lead to hearing impairments. It’s also been linked to cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure. Our products cut noise levels by up 97% at worksites and live events, protecting the health of employees and the local community.

We also take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Our products contain no harmful substances and are made from up to 70% recycled material. We minimise waste through our buy-back scheme, breaking down every returned unit for recycling or disposal in line with strict guidelines from the Carbon Trust. That’s why we’ve been given a 5-star rating for our carbon footprint. Plus, we’re well on the way to attaining the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.